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Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

BY: Nicole Ruggeri Master Stylist


A bad hairstyle isn’t always so easy to identify—and, chances are, if you don’t have a total hacksaw job, you probably think you are doing everything right with your current look. But there are certain mistakes you may be making. Scarier still? These strand snafus may be making you look a lot older.


The Most Common Slip-Up is a mistake I see women make time and time again: not getting a hair cut often enough. Even just a trim will keep hair in its best shape. Split ends climb up the hair, so, for long hair especially; I recommend a trim every six to seven weeks.


The Ultimate Ager, color is a totally separate category that could go on for endless contents in the story of hairstyles, but the ultimate way you can add years to your look: sporting hair color that is way too blond. It can wash out a woman’s skin tone. Having a natural root base with subtle balayage highlights around the face and ends will bring out your eyes and skin. I wouldn’t want to forget mention the ageing effect of being too dark. Brassy reddish tones another no, on some skin types. The skin color fades it also brings out the lines of the face etc. etc. 


The Out-of-Date Do-
Even if you’ve kicked your hairspray obsession and bangs to the curb, chances are you may still be making a very common hair mistake that looks more tired than on trend. The biggest don’t is incorrectly layering your hair and bad, highlight tones.


What is the fastest thing you can do to improve your hairstyle? Most important color and cut even minor changes in layers and color tones do a lot. Change your fringe. Also changing the way you style your hair if u wear it straight get out your curling iron. If u wear it curly straighten it. It is an easy fix for updating your hairstyle. Or, simply switch up how you part your hair—it can change the feel of a cut. 



Tricks to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

By: Nicole Ruggeri Master Stylist


Consider Bangs

If your hair is thin at the crown but still thick in front, try bangs to create a fuller look. To go a step further, when coloring I will take a slice of hair underneath the bangs and color it two shades darker than the rest of your hair color. When you bring the top layer of fringe down over it, your bangs will look thicker because of the deeper color underneath. 


Layer Wisely

The perfect cut with the right stylist that understands thin hair makes worlds of difference. I cut the under-layer of your hair half an inch shorter than the top layer. This will add fullness. Never let anyone use a razor, though, because that can create frayed ends that make your hair look wispier. To give heft to fine or thin hair, keep ends blunt.


Get Highlights

They don’t have to be blonde but one or two shades lighter than your base. Peroxide doubles the thickness of each strand. It swells the hair shaft, which makes your hair look and feel fuller.” Another reason you might want to highlight: When your hair color has dimension (a mix of shades), it creates the illusion of density. Also, keep in mind that your hair color should match the color of your scalp as closely as possible if you want to camouflage a wide part.


Mousse It Up

Mousse gives roots a boost and creates volume without stickiness. Avoid creams and heavy gels, which weigh hair down. (Spray gels can effectively add some height, when used in moderation.) Work the mousse into damp hair and comb through so all of the strands are coated. 


Blow-Dry Gently

Don’t subject your hair to more wear and tear than necessary—let it air-dry 80 percent, then use a round brush to lift the roots and smooth the ends. And don’t part your hair where you normally do before you blow-dry. It will wind up flat along the part, which is exactly where you want some height. Instead, part your hair on the opposite side. When you’re done blow-drying, flip it back and you’ll have gorgeous volume.


Try Extensions

If your hair is full at the crown, but wispy from the mid-length to ends, hair extensions can give you a lush style in minutes. Today’s versions look completely natural. They can be beaded or clipped in where needed.  Let a pro walk you through the process. 


Which Bob Haircut Is Right For You?


By: Master Stylist Nicole Ruggeri


Bob haircuts are hot and trending these days. But while the idea of choosing a shorter hairstyle can be tempting, there are some things you should take into account before you give yourself a makeover. So find out what bob haircut will work for you and how to style your new look.


Before You Hit the Salon


Just as everyone has a smile, every face shape has a haircut which flatters them better than others. So, before booking that appointment, it’s vital to identify facial features and the most complimentary hairstyle. With a wide variety of bobs available, never fear, options are endless. First of all, show up prepared or the haircut of your nightmares may be waiting. Bring accurate celebrity photos or cuts found online so the stylist has the opportunity to easily recreate it. Begin with a longer bob, then if you want some more inches off, cut away. Remember that not every hair behaves similarly when in a short haircut. That’s why it is important to identify your textures, as well as your face shape.

Heart Shaped Face

Hairstyles to avoid: Dodge cuts that elongate the head. Which basically means, remain wary of certain bobs ending near the jaw. That’ll only enhance a shorter forehead.

Flattering hairstyles: Heart shaped faces have wide cheekbones and forehead, and pointed chin (think Gwyneth Paltrow or Kendall Jenner). To balance unique edges and avoid attention to a pinched jawline, consider obtaining a long lob (shoulder skimming cut) which is a perfect haircut for heart-faced women. Swooping bangs and layers aid to alleviate the look.

A chunky layered bob is an additional choice for these face shapes. It hits a bit below the chin and includes many layers. This haircut is favorable for women of all ages — whether young or old. Coloring the ends with lighter shades helps create extra texture.

How to style it: Opt for beachy waves to achieve that effortless boho appeal, and add side swept bangs which will ellude the ultimate cool-girl persona.  

Pear Shaped Face

Hairstyles to avoid: Extreme ponytails or sleek buns as they aren’t as flattering.

Flattering hairstyles: When considering pear-shaped face women, jaw-lines are broader than hairlines. Although it’s a lovely structure, it’s difficult to flatter. Think of Sophie Ellis-Bextor or Kelly Osbourne for instance. A traditional bob balances while visually reducing lines.

An extra short bob cut (think above your ears!) also helps to balance angles. Adding swept bangs with shorter layers works wonders. Hair appears exceptional when silky or smooth.

How to style it: Curls are an easy and fun disguise for broader jaws, whether tightly curled or beach-ready. Curling a bob can be achieved in different ways! You can choose no-heat curls, finger waves or messy beach waves, either way your hairstyle will look chic and stylish.  

Oblong Face

Hairstyles to Avoid: Stay clear of long hair as it makes your face longer.

Flattering hairstyles: If you have a more oblong facial structure, it’s longer than it is wide and has a masculine lower half. Giselle Bundchen, Linda Fargo and Hilary Swank fall into this category. Chin length bob looks fantastic on those with longer faces because it creates a width illusion.

If unsure about a chin length bob, opt for the blunt bob with fringe. It help to hide foreheads, creating a shorter face facade.

How to style it: Since this haircut is so versatile, you can wear your bob differently every day. 

Square Face

Hairstyles to Avoid: Blunt, boxy cuts cause a square frame to appear too masculine. Avoid them completely.                                                                                    

Flattering hairstyles: A primary concern with square faces is adding softness. An asymmetrical cut featuring longer pieces at the front which gradually becomes shorter at the back elongates a square face. A side-part is perfect for getting that softer appearance while adding lots of movement to soften the angles. Emma Roberts and Keira Knightley, achieve this. Another great idea is the long angled bob. The cut skims at the shoulders and looks fabulous with a sleek middle part (yes, middle parts are still cool).                                                                                       

How to style it: This haircut will flatter if you make it really smooth and shiny. So opt for a straight blow out, and don’t forget to use a hairspray that includes a serum to uphold its smoothness over hours.

Round Face

Hairstyles to Avoid: Cuts that end right above your chin or at your chin. That mistake can cause spherical faces look even more rounded.

Flattering hairstyles: Slightly longer bob with added volume is the best option for round faces. It helps to hide the width of the face while slimming. Leave full bangs and center parts alone, as they give fullness to an already full face.

A-line bobs also work very well for round face shape. Emma Stone, Lily Collins, and Selena Gomez kill the cut. It looks fantastic, always.

How to style it: You can style a slightly longer bob by polishing your hair with a straightener, or loosely twisting it with a curling wand. 

Oval Face

Hairstyles to Avoid: Since this shape is well balanced, avoid styles that bring too much hair onto the face, like thick and fringed bangs.                                                                                

 Flattering hairstyles: Luckily, an oval face is perfect for many different hairstyles. The best decision is a grown-out pixie with added waves, which balances an oval face from chin to forehead. It helps to hide the width of the face while slimming.

Inverted bobs also work perfectly for this shape. Stars like Beyonce, Emma Watson, and Ashlee Simpson have rocked this bob.                                                                                                     

How to style it: Sure, you can pull off any hairstyle you want, but the most flattering is the voluminous blow out which makes an oval face look slightly more rounded.


Hair Tips You Must Read


-Master Stylist Nicole Ruggeri


Our hair is one of our most valuable accessories! It can completely change your appearance. It goes with us everywhere, and let’s be honest, it can be quite the hassle sometimes, but with a good hair stylist, a few hair tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can make your hair routine faster and easier while still getting the look you’re going for. Here are a few of my favorite tips that make the routine just a little bit easier.


1. Concentrate On The Ends

Unless you have really dry scalp, most of use don’t need the extra moisture conditioner provides on our roots. Our scalp naturally produces oil every day, so adding any extra can give your hair a greasy look, especially if you don’t shampoo every day. For the best results, try to apply your conditioner on the bottom 3/4 of your hair, really concentrating on the ends.

2. Switch To Silk

I think that most of us sleep on a cotton pillowcase, but there are so many benefits to switching to silk or satin. Not only is it better for your skin, but also it does wonders for your hair! Cotton robs your hair of moisture, is more likely to cause bed head (especially if you have bangs), and is much harsher on your hair, causing damage and split ends. It doesn’t seem like it would make much of a difference, but we sleep on it every night, so it adds up. 

3. Massage Your Scalp

Giving yourself a scalp massage in the shower every morning may seem like a waste of time, but it really does stimulate your hair growth and enhance the strength of your roots. So, if you’re growing your hair out or not, try to do this every day! 

4. Say Yes To Lazy Days

We all have those lazy days, where the idea of standing in front of the mirror messing with our mane is just not going to happen. Or, those mornings when you wake up late and just don’t have the time. Quick tip: keep a spray bottle handy on your bathroom counter, and use it to quickly fix bed head. This is especially helpful if you have bangs. Sometimes bangs are sticking straight up after sleeping. Instead of washing, drying and styling, just give my bangs a quick spray and then use a hair dryer and round brush to make them as good as new!

5. No-Heat Curls Do Exist

We all know that our heating tools cause damage to our hair. If only there was a way to get a natural looking curl without them. Hmmm… Well, there is! If you like to wash your hair in the morning, this one won’t work for you, but you’d be surprised at the natural curls you get from just sleeping with your hair tucked in and around a headband.

6. Tame Fly-Aways 

You don’t always necessarily want to spray your entire head of hair to tame a couple of fly-aways! To combat those little hairs that won’t stay put, keep an old toothbrush handy and spray it with hairspray to easily target your fly-aways without stiffening your entire style.

7. Let Them Absorb

The average woman spends about $300 a year or more on styling products, but most of us are not reaping the full benefits! Let your conditioner sit in your hair a little longer to give it time to work it’s magic, the same is true for your styling products. After combing your hair out of the shower, apply your products right away and let them absorb into your strands for about 10 minutes before you break out your hair dryer and other various styling tools.

8. Dry Before You Style 

When you place a heating tool on wet or damp hair, it creates very hot steam, and causes slow but inevitable damage. Before you break out your curling iron or flat iron, play it safe and make sure your hair is completely dry.


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